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What RPG/Anime Stereotype are you? (Protagonist version)


You have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, though sometimes you can be confused between them. You are not always sure of your own abilities, but you never give up. Your friends are the most important thing to you. You are a versatile fighter, not incredibly strong nor smart, but not weak or stupid. You are likely to gather attention, both from friendly parties and unwanted guests. You can forgive anyone if they seem truthfully sorry. You don’t like to fight, but what you must do you must do. You never kill your foes if you can help it. Likely one or more of your friends love you deeply. (This can lead to problems) You sometimes stumble into embarrassing situations with people of the opposite gender. You can get along with almost anyone. You often try to do things yourself for fear of burdening people, this is also true of your emotions, they are often hidden away.

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  Which Tales of the Abyss character do you resemble most?  

Seems that we have another Luke on our hands. Like Luke, you seem to have a slight self esteem problem, which, if you could get over, would truly let your inner self shine. Despite a few past mistakes, people tend to befriend you anyways, as it should be. Generally outspoken, Luke says what he means, and rarely spares anyone, and even more rarely fails in irritating one or more people. A good person at heart, there is a bit of digging to be done to find you.
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