Posted by: Arimas Artadi | July 21, 2010

First Experience In World of Professionals

Just a while ago I got hired by a good company. My first project in this company was not my speciality, which is game programming and mobile device programming, it was a web programming.

Having only minimum knowledge on php and minimum time of development, we use dot net and Umbaco CMS. I must admit its quite an ordeal, but the CMS give me a great adventure and nice time of development. It was an ordeal for me to learn some new basic scripting such as xslt, javascript, css and so on, tough I must say its fun and rewarding to learn them. Now I want to learn some php and CMS Joomla to expand my knowledge, one of my friend whose maintain this site ( could be kind enough to help me 😀

maybe some time later I will share what I have learnt with all of you.


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